Tree Planting Around Lake Olbolossat

The region around Lake Olbolosat in the central Kenyan highlands has witnessed significant land-use changes, which are believed to be major cause of the dwindling Lake volumes. Very few studies have been carried out in the region due to limited observed in-situ data necessary for monitoring the land surface conditions. It is hence important that feasible, straightforward and cost-effective techniques are explored to asses the space and time variations with a view of providing the essential information for improved land and water management. This study investigated the land cover changes around Lake Olbolosat region using data obtained from Landsat satellite remote sensing.

By having a larger forest cover, our area stands to benefit in terms of animals and bird protection as it will create more secure space for them to live. Also a larger forest cover will help in maintaining the wetland state hence reducing the state at which our water resources and also Lake Olbolossat is dwindling away. This will also increase the national forest cover which the country is striving to get to the 10% recommended by World Bank.

Planting as many trees as possible around riparian land will hold the soil intact hence reducing soil erosion, which is the main cause of the lake's siltation leading to verge of extinction as well as beautify the region which is a tourist attraction site too. The trees will also be used for carbon storage, climate regulation, maintenance of soil fertility, regulation of water flow. Having trees also improve crop production due to presence of pollinators.

Upon successfully completing this project, we expect to have achieved:-

  1. Noted reduction in soil erosion and sedimentation
  2. Significant improvement in water retention (rise in water level) in the lake and other water sources which is available for use by animals and people downstream especially the Ewaso Nyiro basin, thus preventing loss of lives for both animals and people due to lack of water.
  3. Birds and animals habitat creation thus attracting more birds to the lake. These will lead to significant numbers of birds having their breeding grounds around the lake
  4. Increased aesthetic value of the lake hence attracting more tourists both domestic and international

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