Elderly Shelter & Feeding Program

Elderly are an integral part of a population of any country who owe respect and attention equally like any other section. However, due to changing family structure and modernization, elderly population is facing inevitable challenges to live their life respectfully. Loneliness, negligence and less importance, illness due to ageing and against lack of treatment are the most of the treacherous conditions which elderly are facing.

The world demography is changing rapidly and soon there will be more old people than children and even more people at extreme old age than in the past. People live longer and population of older people
is increasing (WHO, National Institute on Aging 2011). Advancement in medical care, higher standard of living, advanced in technology and low birth rate especially in the developed countries are some of
the factors that are fueling the demographic changes.

Very old people, due to their reduced mobility and debilitating disabilities, need other people to do things for them. With the increasing trend of nuclear families in the society and with fewer children in the
family, the care of older persons in the families gets increasingly difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to safeguard the elderly people who are absolutely neglected, ill-treated and vulnerable. It could be
addressed by establishing a care giving unit especially for the elderly people that will dedicatedly work on meeting their needs.

COPICAD is looking forward to setting up not just feeding programs but also a home for at least 100 elderly persons.

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