Landscape Expeditions & Outdoors (L.E.O.)

Focal Area: Landscape Restoration & Eco-Tourism

Landscape Expeditions & Outdoors

Landscape Expeditions & Outdoors

L.E.O. Summary

  • COPICAD Landscape Expeditions & Outdoors is a conservation safaris (tours) management company where we do hiking and other outdoor activities guided by community empowerement through restoration of degraded areas

We are the pioneers of Restoration Tourism in Kenya and East Africa, mostly involved in organising local safaris that not only give our customers a touch with nature but also does tree planting, cleanups, and awareness creation on Land Restoration and Climate Change.
Our Safaris and Travel Packages are focused mainly on exploring beautiful sceneries and restoring their surroundings. This is done through collaborating with our customers, local communities and wellwishers who have conservation at heart.

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